2 Brand New Titles for this Winter

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A Challenge to Influencial Blacks & Communique to Angry Black Men


Book Title – A Challenge to Influential Blacks
Successful Blacks are encouraged to give back to society by helping unfortunate Black men from their condition. Too often in the Black community men of influence struggle to reach back to open the door for a Black man across the beaten tracks.

A Challenge to Influential Blacks assesses how the development of interpersonal relationships with those on the other side, would be an achievement for those of influence. Such a journey would be an eye opener, an unforgettable experience for the Black person of influence who would accept such a challenge.

Book Title – Communique to Angry Black Men
Tools are given to help aid Black men with rage and to help them use their talents positively. Each situation is to be an avenue to make use of talents to help people.

Communique to Angry Black Men set out that character development is the goal before them. Having a positive attitude, clear thoughts, kind words with noble deeds, will cause their detractors to pause and compliment their newly found deportment.

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